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About Mind Body Balance

There are 640 muscles in your body, 200 joints, 206 bones.

Your body is designed to heal itself. Your genes are designed to heal, regenerate, rejuvenate. So you were born to feel good, and life is supposed to be fun!  

Are you experiencing body discomfort? Are other treatments not working or having lasting effects? Are you tired of feeling trapped in your own body?

Muscle Corrective Therapy is a deep tissue, remedial treatment, releasing restricted muscles, allowing your hips, pelvis and spine to sit properly. When the skeleton sits properly, the body can heal effectively. 

On average, we have 50-80,000 thoughts per day.

Are you feeling stuck in your mind? Are you aware that the thoughts you think are the key to creating happiness, freedom and ease? What strategies do you have to manage your thoughts, your daily habits, emotions? How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror? How would you like to feel? 

Self-Mastery Coaching is designed to help you play with your mind, challenge your thoughts, hear insights within yourself, that you may not be hearing otherwise. This will enable you to master your day, create healthy, energising habits (and understand why you are unconsciously/consciously choosing habits that may not serve you), deeper connections of love, peace and joy within yourself and the relationships in your life. 

It doesn’t take long to change, it just takes determination. 








Meet Daniela

Over the past 15 years I have studied, developed, released and realigned, firstly myself. Experiencing various educational establishments, certified courses, adapting into different cultures and countries worldwide, fasting, vision quests, sacred meditations, sweat lodges and silent meditation retreats.

I am a qualified, trained Sports Remedial Therapist, specialising is muscle corrective therapy, a deep tissue remedial technique realigning the hips, pelvis and spine. 

Muscle Corrective Therapy is a specific technique, and is the most efficient way I have learned to release and maintain healthy muscles and body structure, with long lasting results, helping people avoid unnecessary skeletal operations, through muscle release and restoration.


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