Mediumship Readings

From as early as I can remember I was seeing things, hearing things, experiencing things that could not be easily explained. This lead me to explore my spiritual side at a young age through psychic development groups, circles and exchanges.

The word medium comes from the Latin word 'media' - meaning 'middle'. Messages come through me as the middle person.

We all come in to this world with a variety of unique gifts, and I am honoured to dance in the space between to share messages of light, love, confirmation and guidance from people who have crossed over.

The realm between life and death is a thin veil. 

As a medium I do sometimes pick up on psychic energy within your auric field, which can provide information and guidance about particular areas of life, past, present and future.

This information isn’t however like a tap, and whatever comes through is usually what needs to be heard – we don’t always get what we want, but we do usually get what we need.

My natural desire to coach and motivate comes through my readings, creating a warm mixture of mediumship and guidance from both spirit and me.